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We provide a range of financial advice and financial planning services to our clients.

Passive Investments


Passive management or passive investing is an investing strategy that tracks a market weighted index or portfolio. We combine this... Read More

Holistic Planning


The difference between a financial planner and an accountant is that the latter reviews the past. The former, however, considers... Read More

Loan Planning


Borrowing is not always a sign of financial hardship, it can also represent a gearing of opportunity. Finding an extra... Read More

In Brief


What Is A Chartered Financial Planner? A Chartered Financial Planner holds the equivalent qualification standard to that of a Chartered... Read More

Investment Planning


The majority of people rarely plan their finances to work together. Investment planning therefore matches your financial goals and objectives... Read More

Business Planning


In today’s world you can either inherit or generate your wealth. The latter can, of course, include a successful corporate... Read More

Retirement Planning


Although the decision to retire is often made at the end of a long and successful career, the preparation supporting... Read More

Tax Planning


A high percentage of our time is spent in planning ahead to avoid unnecessary tax for our clients. We expect... Read More

Insurance Planning


All financial planners should not forget the roots of the insurance industry which is the protection of loved ones against... Read More

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Swallow Financial Planning was founded over 20 years ago.

The firm was established on the belief that the only way we could be truly independent, was to work on a time based fee basis, in the same way as accountants and solicitors. This approach was very unusual when we started out (and remains so today), but it has held us in good stead as discerning client’s recognise the true value of genuinely independent financial advice.

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