New Online Library Now Up And Running!

Have you ever asked yourself “what are my options when I reach retirement age?” or “how do I plan for inheritance tax?“. Well, look no further!

Our updated document library contains a wide range of information covering all financial topics, from retirement and tax planning, to our latest commentary on investment markets.

You can access our library here:

All you have to do is simply search the topic you would like more information on (e.g. pensions), or browse the document categories to find our collection of related notes.

We hope this new resource will help many people with their financial queries however we must emphasise the importance of seeking financial advice before taking any action.

Please contact the office on the numbers below if you would like to talk to a financial planner today.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

With best wishes,
Swallow Financial Planning

London: 020 3755 3235
Ipswich: 01473 384 858

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