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A New Era

As many of you know, Swallow has been undergoing significant change over the past few months. After parting ways with Ben, we thought long and hard about how to grow our ranks. Rather than replace Ben like for like, we decided to strengthen our foundations and are delighted to welcome Rachel Caldwell to the team.

Rachel is navigating her way through the CII’s Paraplanning course, and will be working closely with Jane, Sam and Sarah to support our clients, from the office, on a daily basis. This will give our advisers, Andrew and Josh, more time to meet with our clients and provide that all-important financial advice you require.

Part of our modernisation program involves the launch of our new website. It has been designed to be far more user-friendly and client-facing, and much less reliant on industry jargon. We have updated our profiles and pictures (including Rachel Caldwell) and are particularly proud of our videos (courtesy of Swallow Marketing Ltd). As ever there is more to do, and we hope to have a retirement planner calculator available soon. We will also be updating some of our notes. Have a look through the new website and please do let us know what you think.


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