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Protecting your business

A sensible business owner understands that staff are its most important asset.

To attract and retain the best employees, you need to offer benefits that will make a difference to them and their families.

By using our service to purchase bulk insurance policies, you’ll save money, and the cost is usually tax deductible.

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Protecting your staff

A benefits package you can offer staff might include:

  • A cash sum to beneficiaries should an employee die. This might be set at a fixed multiple of the employee’s basic salary – say three times – which would help his or her family through a traumatic period
  • Incapacity benefit to maintain an income in the event of a long-term illness or incapacity
  • Access to rapid healthcare such as private health insurance, perhaps including private dental insurance.


Protecting your shareholders

Your shareholders can also be impacted by unexpected events. We can advise on packages to:

  • Provide cash to help buy the shareholdings of those who die unexpectedly.
  • Provide cash for the business to help should a key person die or become unable to work.
  • Save tax with the right shareholders’ agreements.


Helping your staff’s financial wellbeing

Physical and mental health wellbeing is increasingly being joined by financial wellbeing. This additional method of looking after the welfare of staff is showing real benefits in the workplace.

Financial wellbeing includes offering methods for your staff to improve their personal finances and financial planning. While auto-enrolment for company contribution pension schemes is a start, we can devise tax-saving salary sacrifice pension plans that encourage your people to save more for the long term.

We can discuss other options open to you, like voluntary staff savings schemes, while giving your people access to a financial adviser is now seen as a valuable benefit.

Talk to a financial planner

Our experienced team of chartered financial advisers and planners will help with any financial planning issues or questions you may have.

You might be a high-paid individual looking to plan your financial future, or perhaps you’re already retired but seeking investment, inheritance and tax planning advice. Our experienced staff will guide you in making the most of your money.


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