Financial Coaching

Financial coaching is still new in the UK. Andrew Swallow has undertaken financial coaching courses and is happy to provide bespoke financial coaching and mediation services to clients. This process is not cheap, but for those clients who need help with their financial needs and goals it can be invaluable.

Mr & Mrs Smith approached us to provide financial coaching advice. Specifically they had excellent incomes, savings and pensions but they did not know what they wanted to achieve in their lives. Using goal setting techniques we helped them agree a plan for their future lives which entailed agreeing personal, material and economic objectives and then agreeing the timescale for each of their requirements.

We then matched their current resources to the goals and agreed which goals were “must have”, which were “achievable” and which objectives needed to be modified to ensure the “must have” objectives were ascertained.

We continue to coach these clients, however, the process is now more of an ongoing management and coaching relationship as their funds grow towards their final objectives.

We do not make client details public, however if you are interested in becoming a client and would like to speak to someone who is like you and uses us now, please ask us to put you in touch.

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