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We had a client where we managed around £2 million of savings. The client’s health was deteriorated meaning we believed she was not able to live at home. After discussing the matter with our client and her daughter we:

  • Arranged for the sale of assets to purchase a new home where our client could move in with her daughter and grandchildren.
  • Negotiated with our client’s daughter and son-in-law regarding the financial aspects of the move.
  • Helped our clients to obtain state benefits.
  • Organised new wills and lasting powers of attorney.

Sadly our client has now died. As an executor on the will we assisted the lawyer and daughter to carry out her wishes and to safeguard her family and the gifts to charity she wished to undertake.

We do not make client details public, however if you are interested in becoming a client and would like to speak to someone who is like you and uses us now, please ask us to put you in touch.

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