Unit Linked Insurance Plans

We find that many clients have a misconception over how life assurance and in particular whole of life assurance plans actually work. These notes are designed to try and explain the benefits and limitations of whole of life plans.

Critical Illness Cover

CIC has been developed to provide a lump sum to help families and businesses with the financial consequences which in the past would have been covered by life insurance and sickness and illness insurance.

Income Protection

Income protection insurance (IPI) or permanent health insurance (PHI) is an insurance that virtually everyone who works needs, but very few people have.

Getting A State Pension Forecast

it is essential to establish your projected state pension benefits to decide whether you need to make further National Insurance contributions to ensure you gain maximum benefit from the new single tier structure.

Transact Dealing Terms

During normal investment circumstances there is little concern from clients and advisers alike as to how long an investment transaction might take. Some investors do, however, like to have the option to buy a stock or fund quickly so this note is an effort to explain the options via the Transact trading platform. Investments not on Transact will have different rules subject to the institution or platform which holds the assets.

Investment Charges

How Much of your return is going in charges? This note is designed to help you compare charges between different providers.