How To Pay For Long Term Care

As retirement specialists, one of the most often asked questions we get is “how will I pay for long term care?”. All too often the question is asked at the steps of the nursing home when it is too late to undertake effective planning. These notes are designed to provide clients with some ideas which may be effective and practical.

Pensions And Divorce

Like it or not, pensions are people’s second biggest asset behind their home. Pension benefits subsequently play a major part in the division of wealth during a divorce.

Pension Transfer Gold Standard

Swallow Financial Planning are one of only a handful of Chartered Financial Planners to have adopted the Pension Transfer Gold Standard. These notes explain what this means to our clients.


Are You Saving Enough For Retirement? You are 35, earning £100,000 a year and want to buy that Mercedes Benz you’ve always wanted. You’re also aiming for that magic £1,000,000 pension pot. So can you afford the coupe and a comfortable retirement?

Investment Costs

With returns from all areas of investment being low, there is an understandable concern over the extent of costs involved in using any service or manager. These notes are designed to help you consider what charges you are paying and what the charges are for.

Our Preferred Investment Platform

In 2007, Swallow Financial Planning (SFP) chose a platform service for their clients. The purpose of this note is to explain why SFP is recommending an investment administration platform. Throughout this note we refer to the Transact platform which is our preferred choice for most clients.

The Asset Allocation Report

Over many years we have developed a presentation to illustrate where your total investments are now and what changes you might consider to get your investments more aligned with your risk profile and / or objectives.

Transact Protection

A consideration of the risks to consider when using the Transact Investment administration service

Consumer Protection

Whilst institutional failures are rare, it is worthwhile considering the security of your investments should your bank, building society or insurer fail. The following notes outline our understanding of the compensations now available.