Options When Taking Your Pension

The purpose of these notes is to try and explain some of the common options available when you come to take your retirement benefits from a money purchase type pension plan.

Tax Treatment Of Pension Death Benefits

Recent changes to the rules for pensions have radically changed the approach of advisers with regard to pension savings. The following notes are designed to give our current views as to the options available to clients.

Which Pension Plan is Right For Me?

The following is a summary of the main pensions options available to most individuals. These are the savings options, when you want to take your pension benefits you need to consider the whole raft of different options available to you for drawing your pension.

Care Costs In Later Life

For most people, their big concern is whether or not they have sufficient assets to support them when they are at their most vulnerable. Generally, this will be when frailty, and/or sickness mean they need care or have to go into residential accommodation. These notes are designed to provide some background about the subject.

The Tax Treatment Of Pension Contributions

This article is designed to explain the Post 2011 (and 2015) regime as simply as we can. The rules are complicated and the rules for allowable contributions are different from the rules for tax relief on contributions, so please accept our comments as a guide only.

Life Assurance Types

Life assurance is a protection insurance which pays out an agreed sum should the insured person die. The following notes describe briefly the most common types of life assurance plans now available