Fixed Rate or Index Linked Bonds

Stick or Twist? With inflation on everyone's mind, this article aims to consider the difference between Index-Linked & Fixed Rate bonds....

Financial Update April 2024

Financial update April 2024

Financial update April 2024 The tax year is at last at an end, and we can start to review an exciting election year!...

Opportunities and other budget ideas

This spring budget raised a few eyebrows and more than a little fed into the Pet Shop Boys lyrics ‘Oh there’s a lot of opportunities if you know when...

St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day and equity investing share parallels; luck perception, risk-taking, long-term focus, and diversification are key elements....

What is The Lifetime ISA?

The new LISA is becoming an attractive savings vehicle particularly for the better off however beware the pitfalls of early encashment.

Investment Wrappers Explained

This note is designed to emphasise our reasons for placing specific types of funds into the different tax wrappers. If you want to know the full tax treatment of any wrapper please let us know.

Tax Allowances

There are many different tax concessions and allowances which we try and maximise as party of our service. Not every client can benefit from all allowances however in our review reports for clients we do advise of any missed opportunities.

The 14 Year IHT Trap

Most people are aware of the fact that if you make a gift in the UK and then live for more than 7 years then that gift will fall out of your estate. What is less well known is that if you make more than one gift and you die within 7 years of the last gift then Inheritance Tax (IHT) may well be due on some or all of your gifts.