October Investment Update

Our predictions for 2023 seem to have been “bang on the money”. Our October Investment Update provides background into our current investment thought ...

Autumn Budget Statement 2021

What does the Autumn Budget 2021 mean for you? In our comprehensive guide to the Autumn Budget and Spending Review 2021, we reveal the key announcements. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your situation – please contact us.

Investment Wrappers Explained

This note is designed to emphasise our reasons for placing specific types of funds into the different tax wrappers. If you want to know the full tax treatment of any wrapper please let us know.

Self Administered Pension Plans

For many years the “must have” accoutrement for all business owners was the self administered pension plan. Swallow Financial Planning is authorised to advise on all aspects of pensions including self-administration and final salary scheme transfers.

Lifetime Allowance Protection Explained

One could forgive clients and providers alike for being “punch drunk” over the changes to pension plans over the last 15 years. The government is desperate for more tax and pensions is an easy target, since limits on relief and tax on bigger pension funds only hit a relatively small proportion of the better off.

Salary Sacrifice Explained

These notes are our current understanding of the rules that govern the use of salary sacrifice to enhance pension savings.

Options When Taking Your Pension

The purpose of these notes is to try and explain some of the common options available when you come to take your retirement benefits from a money purchase type pension plan.

Tax Treatment Of Pension Death Benefits

Recent changes to the rules for pensions have radically changed the approach of advisers with regard to pension savings. The following notes are designed to give our current views as to the options available to clients.