Investment Policy Statement

Whilst our investment style is bespoke to each client, we have over recent years begun to create a standardised approach to our Asset Allocation Process.

An Introduction To Asset Allocation

The correct asset allocation of a client’s investment portfolio is the bedrock of the Swallow Financial Planning investment process. This note is designed to explain how asset allocation works and why it is so important to the future success of your investment performance.

Tax Allowances

There are many different tax concessions and allowances which we try and maximise as party of our service. Not every client can benefit from all allowances however in our review reports for clients we do advise of any missed opportunities.

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance is the provision of a protection to a business against the death and/or disability of a key employee. We have separate notes available which explain the protection of shareholders and partners interests in their businesses.

Share & Partnership Protection

The consideration of succession when one is looking at a closed limited company or a partnership is always a difficult one. These notes consider some of the options for protecting a business where there are a few shareholders / partners. We have separate notes available which explain the protection of the business alone (i.e., key person insurance).

Mortgage Types & Terms

The following notes are designed to explain the principles behind the more common loan alternatives available today.

Endowment Savings

The most common endowment descriptions used are with profit or unit linked endowments. Low cost endowments are often used to repay commercial and residential mortgages.

Report Assumptions

There is a huge amount of analysis which goes into any letter or report we produce. Rather than include reams of explanation on each enclosure these notes try to explain the reasoning behind our calculations.