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Below you will find a large collection of Swallow Financial's documentation.

The world of finance is often unfathomable. It is therefore paramount that the client is not only confident in their adviser’s planning, but they can also see the broader picture.

The following documents are designed as generic explanations of what can be highly complex issues. Do call or email our office if you need any further help.

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What Is Risk & Much Do You Need?

Categories: Financial Planning > Investment Planning > Pensions

If you are new to investing, perhaps the most difficult concept to get across is the relationship between risk and reward. These notes try and explain why risk is required (in almost all cases) to achieve long term goals.

Tax Treatment Of Onshore Bonds

Categories: Financial Planning > Investment Planning

We use the Transact onshore bond wrapper where you wish to defer or mitigate higher rates of tax and, in many cases, receive regular income. The flexibility of the Transact wrapper does mean, however, that when considering what cash to hold throughout a year we have to allow for tax as well as charges, income and withdrawals. This note is designed to explain how the tax works.


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