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Below you will find a large collection of Swallow Financial's documentation.

The world of finance is often unfathomable. It is therefore paramount that the client is not only confident in their adviser’s planning, but they can also see the broader picture.

The following documents are designed as generic explanations of what can be highly complex issues. Do call or email our office if you need any further help.

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Our Approach To Investment Management

Categories: Investment Planning

It is important to understand how your adviser approaches the purchase and management of your investment funds. These notes are designed to explain briefly the Swallow Financial Planning methodology.

Investment Policy Statement

Categories: Investment Planning > Pensions

Whilst our investment style is bespoke to each client, we have over recent years begun to create a standardised approach to our Asset Allocation Process.

A Background To Our Fund Choices

Categories: Financial Planning > Investment Planning > Pensions

Over many years, we have invested in every type of collective investment available. We have used managed funds, multi-managed funds and passive funds. This note explains our current thinking when we choose the funds for our clients to invest in.

An Introduction To Investments

Categories: Financial Planning > Investment Planning > Pensions

This document summarises all of our main explanations of our approach to investment management and evidence based investing. At Swallow Financial Planning we follow what is called “evidence based” investing. Whilst the name is self-explanatory, as so few advisers take the same stance as us we have explanatory notes to help you understand what we are doing and why it works.

An Introduction to Risk Profiling

Categories: Financial Planning > Investment Planning > Later Life > Mortgages And Loans > Pensions

An essential part of being able to provide ongoing investment advice is for us to understand your risk profile. By this we mean to determine your aversion to taking risks with the capital value of your investments. These notes are designed to dovetail with our further notes on asset allocation and our asset allocation report.

Tax Treatment Of Pension Death Benefits

Categories: Pensions

Recent changes to the rules for pensions have radically changed the approach of advisers with regard to pension savings. The following notes are designed to give our current views as to the options available to clients.

Which Pension Plan is Right For Me?

Categories: Financial Planning > Investment Planning > Pensions

The following is a summary of the main pensions options available to most individuals. These are the savings options, when you want to take your pension benefits you need to consider the whole raft of different options available to you for drawing your pension.

Options When Taking Your Pension

Categories: Pensions

The purpose of these notes is to try and explain some of the common options available when you come to take your retirement benefits from a money purchase type pension plan.

Lifetime Allowance Protection Explained

Categories: Pensions

One could forgive clients and providers alike for being “punch drunk” over the changes to pension plans over the last 15 years. The government is desperate for more tax and pensions is an easy target, since limits on relief and tax on bigger pension funds only hit a relatively small proportion of the better off.


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