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In today’s world you can either inherit or generate your wealth. The latter can, of course, include a successful corporate career, but the most common avenue is via starting a business. From a financial planning perspective, there are key stages in the business cycle where we can help:

Employee Benefits

The development of a viable, attractive and sustainable employment package can help recruit and retain key candidates. This is essential, as a business owes the majority of its competitive edge to its standard of staff. The Swallow team are able to recommend pension, life assurance and private medical schemes (among others) and can assist you with tailoring an employee proposition that improves your chances of building and maintaining a solid backbone.

Protecting Key Staff

You, the business owner, are often the greatest asset which your firm possesses. Our planners can advise on key person insurances and shareholder protection and agreements so that the business does not have to be sold should you encounter a major obstacle years down the line.

Our training and ethos is to look forward. By planning for the worst, we can help avoid disasters and attain the best outcome. Such an approach has earmarked Swallow Financial Planning as a key adviser.

Passing Your Business To Your Children

Having fought to establish your business, the biggest threat to its survival becomes your own lifespan. Sooner or later you have to decide whether you want to pass the business to your children or sell the business in the most tax efficient way.

Swallow Financial Planning is able to help you formulate a succession strategy, be it negotiating within the family for your own security in later life versus the children’s desire to move the business on, or to help you sell and distribute the proceeds at the lowest tax cost.

Families are arguably the very worst business structure due to the personal as well as business relationships. Acting as unbiased mediators, we can (in conjunction with your other advisers) provide objective advice from a neutral viewpoint.

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