Holistic Planning

The difference between a financial planner and an accountant is that the latter reviews the past. The former, however, considers the future.

Swallow Financial Planning spends a great deal of time looking ahead. Whether this means managing your personal liability to taxation whilst living, or indeed your estate’s vulnerability to tax upon death, we pride ourselves on reacting to legislative changes and working with our clients and their other advisers to create workable arrangements which minimise tax.

It is this consistent response to the government’s laws on taxation that allows our planners to recommend the careful tailoring of your taxable assets. With extensive knowledge on tax efficient vehicles and investment wrappers, the Swallow team can help you construct a robust estate able to manage your exposure to income, capital gains and inheritance tax.

In this new era, all but the most benign of tax plans will most likely be scrutinised by the authorities. Although Swallow Financial Planning believes that “boring is best”, this still encourages greater efficiency by taking positive actions instead of accepting the status quo.

There is, however, something more important than legislation. When considering the division of your estate upon death it is our responsibility to first understand how much you wish to leave your loved ones. The backbone to any tax planning is therefore your approach to your estate. If your wishes are not the most tax efficient solution then your wishes should come first.

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