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What Is A Chartered Financial Planner?

A Chartered Financial Planner holds the equivalent qualification standard to that of a Chartered Accountant or a Solicitor. Awarded by the Chartered Institute of Insurance, the planner must have attained a recognised level of training, competence and professional standing before being granted this ‘gold standard’. There are currently around 3,500 Chartered Financial Planners in the UK.

What Is A Certified Financial Planner?

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) qualification is the internationally recognised standard for holistic financial planning. Unlike the Chartered hallmark, a Certified Financial Planner specialises in preparing a long-term strategy for their client that weaves together their financial landscape in pursuit of their objectives. Requiring over 800 hours of study and two examinations, any individual holding this qualification will be highly committed and educated.

You can view more on the Certified Financial Planning qualification on the Institute of Financial Planning website.

What Is An Independent Financial Adviser?

An Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is someone that must give unbiased, unrestricted advice based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the relevant market.

A simple example of this can be shown using life assurance. An unrestricted IFA will be able to recommend to their client any life assurance policy from any provider, whereas a restricted adviser (often referred to as ‘tied’) will only be able to recommend a policy from a single or select few providers that they have a professional arrangement with.

Swallow Financial Planning is totally independent and as such only employs independent financial planners for the benefit of their clients.

What Is A Chartered Financial Planning Firm?

A Chartered Financial Planning firm upholds a commitment to continuing professional development, adherence to an industry standard Code of Ethics and Conduct and the provision of ongoing competence.

Awarded by the Chartered Institute of Insurance, Swallow Financial Planning has been recognised as a Chartered Firm of Financial Planners since March 2009, and is amongst only 502 firms within the UK to hold this stamp of excellence.

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