Investment Planning

The majority of people rarely plan their finances to work together. Investment planning therefore matches your financial goals and objectives with your investment resources. Good investment planning however cannot be done without a great financial plan first!

We will work with you to ensure your funds are placed into the proper investment vehicles based on your resources, future goals, time horizon, tax position and priorities. We will always be mindful of the safety of the investments as well as liquidity and level of return. This all helps towards proper investment planning and will allow your funds to produce financial rewards over time.

Rather than making ad hoc investment choices, Swallow Financial Planning looks upon your wealth in its entirety and then diversifies your investments into different asset classes to ensure that you have a good spread of investments. This includes the use of cash, fixed interest, property and equities. We believe that by dividing up your assets in this way, we can spread the risk to your investments’ value in times of market uncertainty.

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