Loan Planning

Borrowing is not always a sign of financial hardship, it can also represent a gearing of opportunity.

Finding an extra stockpile of cash can often be the difference between securing a home, expanding your business or funding your retirement. Our planners can work with you to understand when borrowing is to your financial benefit or detriment. We can help you gauge the amount of funds you truly require and analyse any loans you have been offered.

Whilst as a firm we are authorised to advise on loans and mortgages, we tend to recommend specialist mortgage brokers for this task. We believe this approach allows us to provide our clients with unfettered advice which is not swayed by the promise of fees.

Knowing that our typical client is often affluent with significant assets, Swallow Financial Planning is well-honed in advising clients on all types of loans including lending to others (i.e. children) and debt counselling when the need arises.

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