Retirement Planning

Although the decision to retire is often made at the end of a long and successful career, the preparation supporting this life event should start as early as possible. Only with detailed forward planning can you hope to avoid the disappointment of a much lower standard of living in your later years.

By discussing your requirements and timescale, Swallow Financial Planning can help you arrive at an ideal retirement scenario. Inevitably, this must then be matched against reality.

Our planners will analyse your pension plans and other assets and then match these current and future resources against your ideal retirement.

The chief aim of this exercise is to ultimately develop a retirement plan that will help you to achieve the most realistic standard of living after retiring. Moreover, it will adjust any expectations you may have, or even strengthen your commitment to obtaining a retirement more in line with what you had hoped for.

Whatever the outcome of your review, Swallow Financial Planning will help you understand how you can live off the wealth you have accrued throughout your life.

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