Tax Planning

A high percentage of our time is spent in planning ahead to avoid unnecessary tax for our clients. We expect tax rates to rise in the years ahead meaning that to achieve financial independence clients will need larger pots (to subsidise the State by paying higher taxes). The State provides tax efficient investments and legitimate schemes to encourage savers and we try to ensure clients make use of these schemes to help reduce their tax burden.

What Are The Benefits Of Tax Planning?

  • To Keep More Of Your Money
  • To Give More To Charity
  • To Pass More To Your Dependants
  • To Reduce Stress

What Does Tax Planning Include?

  • Understanding All Of Your Affairs
  • Using Your Partners Lower Tax Bands
  • Using Your Children’s Lower Tax Bands
  • Getting The Best Out Of Multiple Homes
  • Maximising Income And Gains From Your Business
  • Tax Efficient Investments
  • Specialist Savings Such As AIM/VCT/EIS
  • Estate Assessment And Inheritance Tax (IHT) Calculations
  • Making Best Use Of IHT Allowances
  • Assisting With Wills
  • Acting As Trustees
  • IHT Mitigation Schemes


  • Income Tax Planning
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning (CGT)
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