Gathering Facts

Gathering Facts

To start the financial planning process we need to get to know and understand you as a client.

To do this, your planner will need to ask lots of questions to find out about you and your situation. The following is an example of what conclusions can be drawn from certain pieces of information:

Basic Information

Your level of income will help your planner gauge what rate of tax you pay, and if we can help reduce your tax liability.

From this, a detailed list of your outgoings will then help your planner ascertain if you are spending all of your income or whether you can afford to save.


Your employment details, including benefits such as sickness benefit, life assurance or pension contributions, will also provide your planner with further insight. This can span from understanding how sufficient your current level of protection cover is or if your company pension will provide enough income to live on when you retire.


Questions about your health will help your planner establish if you can obtain preferential rates for an annuity or if you may have to pay a higher premium for life assurance.


Family details, such as your number of dependants, can lead to planning for an illness or death to ensure that your nearest and dearest are financially secure if the worst was to happen.

So lots of questions…

The answers to all of the above and more will then be considered and discussed in greater detail. From this, Swallow Financial Planning can then help you start a financial plan to create a secure financial future for you and your family.

Our client fact find can be found HERE and our notes on how we work with new clients can be found HERE

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