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I Am Prepared For Retirement

We can help you assess your current assets and liabilities and compare these against your objectives. We can organise all of your investments so that they contribute the maximum towards your goals.

How Should I Be Investing My Wealth?

With everything that is on offer in today’s market, it is difficult to decide how to invest your hard earned cash. It becomes even more problematic when you ask yourself the four following questions:

  • What are my objectives?
  • How long do I have to achieve them?
  • How much risk can I afford to take?
  • Which vehicle is best to achieve success?

Whether you are looking for an income or capital growth, saving for your children’s education or even preparing for your retirement, talk to one of our financial planners today to kick start a financial plan and utilise every asset at your disposal.

I Want To Protect My Family

Once you have people who depend on you, you have a duty to protect them. We will therefore help you answer the questions:

  • What happens if I die?
  • What happens if my partner dies?
  • What about prolonged ill health?

If these questions have caused any doubts in your mind, talk to one of our financial planners to discuss your concerns further. Only by understanding your family’s unique financial position can we then work together to formulate a plan that will safeguard its well-being for the remainder of your lives.

I Want My Children / Grandchildren To Have A Private Education

The absolute minimum day school secondary education is costing around £15,000 pa out of after tax income. Once you have finished school there is then the £60,000 cost of obtaining a degree. We can help parents and grandparents save for these costs in the most tax efficient ways and if necessary we can help to produce borrowed funds to tide you through the difficult times.

I Want Expert Help To Manage My Affairs In Retirement

Whilst no one denies that the new drawdown regime is far more flexible than guaranteed annuities, it carries with it far higher risks.

By expertly investing and managing our clients’ resources, Swallow Financial Planning builds client relationships which last the test of time. Through employing the same amount of care towards your assets as if they were our own, you can feel confident in our ability to efficiently guide you through retirement.

This is made far more difficult if you were to simply choose an investment adviser to manage your funds in drawdown. With many specialist financial advisers unable to dovetail their advice to investment funds, the risk of drawdown is increased through the lack of a cohesive financial plan. At Swallow Financial Planning however, we work in a holistic way that caters for our clients’ personal and intergenerational interests.

My Mother Is Going Into A Home And I Need Help

Andrew Swallow has specialist training in dealing with later life issues and has a wealth of experience in dealing with both social services and the various products which are designed to maximise savings when funding home and nursing care.

We can also advise on the best structures to protect against over spending on care.

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