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How We Invest For Tomorrow

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How We Invest For Tomorrow

The recent suspension of Neil Woodford’s Equity Income Fund has no doubt alarmed investors far and wide. For those self-investors who are unfamiliar with asset allocation, Woodford’s decision to close the gates might have just locked their entire life savings behind bars.  This could be catastrophic if these individuals are relying on their savings for an income.

This has reignited the argument between ‘Active’ and ‘Passive’ investing.  Neil Woodford is an advocate of intuition-based stock picking, to actively attempt to beat the market.  This can be productive, however it can be costly when you get it wrong!

We base our portfolios on a backbone of ‘Passive’ investments.  We track the performance of different asset classes, sectors and regions both domestic and worldwide.  Geared towards your attitude to risk and objectives, we do not time the market to earn a ‘quick buck’.  We instead encourage long-term asset allocation, which accounts for up to 90% of your returns. For those who are partial to greater risk or welcome managerial instinct, a small allocation to active funds can be prescribed in the hope of less reliable outperformance.

Through diversification, whenever the next manager freezes their fund, you will have a wide array of alternative investments still providing returns and access to your capital. Whether you are saving for retirement or already enjoying it, we are experienced in both growing our clients’ wealth as well as helping them draw an income regardless of active manager mistakes.


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