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Beneficial inheritance planning

If you’ve been left a sum by a loved one, it’s wise to seek professional financial advice to ensure you make the most of your windfall.

This event might also get you thinking about your own estate planning, or perhaps you’ve considered a lifetime gift to help someone else while you’re still alive?

Swallow Financial Planning’s advisers work respectfully and with care to make sure you get the best possible investment and planning advice that’s also tax efficient.

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Making the best use of an inheritance

Receiving an inheritance might be expected or a complete surprise. When you do receive that lump sum in your bank account, the options might seem overwhelming. Do you put it into savings, pay off your mortgage or think about investing it for your retirement or for passing on to your own loved ones?

If you’re not experienced with investments and have never used a financial consultant before, now is the ideal time to ensure you make the most of your inheritance. Our experienced team at Swallow Financial Planning works with you to understand your goals and then put in place a financial plan to help you achieve it. We make things simple, so you feel part of the process and can follow its progress.


Making your own lifetime gift

Sharing your wealth with a lifetime gift is not only rewarding for you (and those you are helping) but it can also come with taxable benefits now and when you die. But it’s wise to involve your financial planner when you take this decision, primarily to make sure you can afford it over the long term.

Our team can advise on your best options, from a direct bequest to creating a trust or favouring a loan. We do so while factoring in your own tax planning and deprivation of assets rules that could affect how you pay for any future long-term care you might need.

We’re trained to look at the bigger picture when you consider your own estate and the possibility of making a lifetime gift.

Talk to a financial planner

Our experienced team of chartered financial advisers and planners will help with any financial planning issues or questions you may have.

You might be a high-paid individual looking to plan your financial future, or perhaps you’re already retired but seeking investment, inheritance and tax planning advice. Our experienced staff will guide you in making the most of your money.


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