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Your future, your pension

Your pension plans should be in place long before you retire to ensure you get the return you hoped for.

With many people now having more than one work-related pension, plus a personal and a state pension, it can be difficult to understand if you’re on track to meet the retirement lifestyle you expect.

Swallow Financial Planning can analyse your current position and advise on the best course of action moving forward, putting you on the road to a more prosperous retirement. And if you haven’t started planning yet, our experts will help you get started.

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Is my pension enough for my retirement?

Our personable experts will work with you to assess how much you think you’ll need for your retirement, and then whether your existing plans are enough to get you there.

We understand circumstances change; you might switch jobs and receive a new work pension, your state pension will be paid out later than you expected, or personal circumstances dictate you might need more retirement income than you thought. The beauty of effective retirement planning is a flexible approach that not only makes the most of your pension saving but allows for strategic changes at any time.


What can Swallow Financial Planning do for me?

We can introduce you to making tax-efficient pension savings and advise on how these should be invested now. We’ll advise on adapting your strategy as you approach your retirement date, to ensure your investments still reflect your attitude to risk.

Recent relaxations in pension law allow you to access your pension early, should you wish to do so, including transferring away from a final salary scheme. While there might be some advantages to this, should you want to access money now, it can have long-term implications and requires the professional advice of our team.

Talk to a financial planner

Our experienced team of chartered financial advisers and planners will help with any financial planning issues or questions you may have.

You might be a high-paid individual looking to plan your financial future, or perhaps you’re already retired but seeking investment, inheritance and tax planning advice. Our experienced staff will guide you in making the most of your money.


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