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Thinking of retirement?

Having worked hard all your life, you deserve a long and comfortable retirement. Swallow Financial Planning puts the best financial strategy in place so you can achieve your ambitions.

If you already have savings or pension plans, we’ll assess if they’re on track to give you the lifestyle you’re hoping for - and recommend ways to grow them further.

And if you’ve not yet put money away, it’s never too late to start. Our experts will suggest the best savings and investment plan to get you going.

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Will my income be enough?

Once you’ve worked out how much money you need to achieve your preferred retirement lifestyle, use our online calculator to see if your savings will generate enough income.

One of our personable financial planners will explain how Swallow Financial Planning can improve your outlook. We’re experienced at building retirement pots and then assessing the right balance of income, cash and investments, so you can enjoy your later years to the full.


Can I improve my income?

First, you must consider four key things:

  1. When you’d like to retire
  2. The amount and type of savings you have currently
  3. How much retirement income you’d like
  4. Your attitude to investment risk

Our experts can then assess your current savings and plans, and how these could be better distributed between personal pensions, ISAs or even debt repayment. The goal is to build a bigger retirement pot and then recommend the most tax efficient way for you to receive it.

Even if you’re already retired, we can check to see if your money is working as well as it should be.


Am I spending too much?

There’s only so much money to go around, so we’d be pleased to send you our budgeting questionnaire, which will help you split your essential from your discretionary spending. We can then identify where you might spend less and save more towards your retirement.

Looking ahead, we can also produce a long-term cashflow forecast, estimating the sustainability of your current retirement lifestyle (if applicable), or the one you intend to have when you give up work.

We’ll advise on whether you have the means to carry on as you are – or risk running short of money. Adjusting now might make the difference between enjoying the finer things in life when you retire or having to be frugal.

Talk to a financial planner

Our experienced team of chartered financial advisers and planners will help with any financial planning issues or questions you may have.

You might be a high-paid individual looking to plan your financial future, or perhaps you’re already retired but seeking investment, inheritance and tax planning advice. Our experienced staff will guide you in making the most of your money.


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