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Where Do You Want Your Ashes Scattered?

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Where Do You Want Your Ashes Scattered?

We spend many hours with clients discussing their legal documentation to ensure that their wishes are carried out beyond the grave. The British are however terrible at making a note of “soft facts” regarding their demise.

We recommend all clients prepare a “letter of wishes” to help their loved ones when they are gone. It is bad enough losing a close family member without having to second guess their wishes for their last party on this world! You can access our letter of wishes notes here.

On the same topic we have sourced an excellent aide-memoire from Christies Care which you can access here. This booklet lists many useful facts and other information essential to anyone dealing with your affairs through death or incapacity.

We have many more FAQs of this nature. If you would like to know more about our estate planning services please do get in touch.


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