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About Swallow Financial Planners

Swallow Financial Planning was founded over 20 years ago.

The firm was established on the belief that the only way we could be truly independent, was to work on a time based fee basis, in the same way as accountants and solicitors.

This approach was very unusual when we started out (and remains so today), but it has held us in good stead as discerning client’s recognise the true value of genuinely independent financial advice.

Our fee based approach means that the advice we provide is as it should be, free from any product or commission bias. It also means that we are never reluctant to recommend solutions that do not involve the payment of any commission at all.

Swallow Financial Planning LLP is a Chartered firm of Financial Planners, one of only a very few firms to have reached this level of recognition. In 2012 we established Swallow Financial Investment Management Ltd to specialise in the purchase and maintenance of collective investments. This new venture enables we can provide cost efficient management of client funds in the new Retail Distribution Review (RDR) era.

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