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Benefit from smarter savings

We offer strategic asset-allocation advice, giving your savings and investments a more balanced risk-to-reward structure that better matches your ambition.

The analogy of not putting all your eggs in one basket is spot on for savings and investments. If you piled all your capital into one area, and it tanked, your wealth could be severely impacted. Instead, we recommend an objective approach that better complements your long-term financial plan.

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Investing your savings wisely

It’s likely you have assets tied up across a range of investments, including ISAs, pensions, shares, National Savings and cash in the bank. Swallow Financial Planning will help you understand if your current approach is working as well as it might.

We take time to understand your savings goals, such as the wealth or income you’d like to achieve and when, perhaps for specific targets like repaying your mortgage, paying for private education or retirement income.

Once we understand your motivation, we can devise a bespoke savings plan that’s spread across a range of investment vehicles and reflects your attitude to risk. We’ll do this while making the most of your annual tax and savings allowances.


Low-cost, diverse investments

We’re experienced investment managers of our clients’ portfolios. Our asset-allocation approach (spreading the risk) is based upon passive investing, meaning we minimise short-term buying and selling, thereby reducing your exposure to expensive fees.

Our investment approach is based on science and analysis, not on the hunch of a fund manager you’ll never meet. Because we manage your wealth personally, we’re always able to update you any time you need us to.

Talk to a financial planner

Our experienced team of chartered financial advisers and planners will help with any financial planning issues or questions you may have.

You might be a high-paid individual looking to plan your financial future, or perhaps you’re already retired but seeking investment, inheritance and tax planning advice. Our experienced staff will guide you in making the most of your money.


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